Monday, January 18, 2010

January-February Giveaway - Part 2

Another set of irresistible January-February Giveaway..! :D From beauty to fashion, from accessories to movies..
Listed by the closing date

* Lisa's First Blog Giveaway
Giveaway January 2010Yummy My Beauty Diary Mask and Nars blush..
Closing date: January 21, 2010

* Hijab Style Bonus January Giveaway
Giveaway january 2010A lovely Taaj hijab..
Closing date: January 22, 2010

* Jaebumfangirl's Giveaway
giveaway january 2010Korean drama The Grand Chef box set..
Closing date: January 26, 2010

* MTW Design's Happy New Year's Giveaway
giveaway january 2010Gorgeous pink bracelet..
Closing date: January 31, 2010

* Shadowlady's 100 Followers Blog Giveaway
giveaway february 2010A package of cosmetics, ladies..
Closing date: February 4, 2010


  1. salam kenalan, singgah dari hijab style
    wah... bagus ya giveaway nya

  2. waaa ^^ thx for the giveaway info!!
    bagus2 yaaa

  3. Salaam! I've got a new giveaway up on my blog for February, open to international readers! More info here:


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