Friday, February 5, 2010

February Contest & Giveaway

Updated on: Feb 23, 2010 - New Contests & Giveaways added

Contest/Giveaway has become one of my favorite categories in my blog.. It's just fun for me to enter, fun to spread the words as well.. :D
Like always, the list is ordered by the closing date. Open for international readers unless mentioned otherwise. Good luck ;)

* Hijab Style February Giveaway

February giveawayClosing Date: Feb 7, 2010

* Skin MD Natural Valentine's Day Giveaway

February GiveawayClosing Date: Feb 7, 2010

* Tummycake First Giveaway

february giveawayClosing Date: Feb 12, 2010

* Mimobot USB {Adios} Giveaway by Jaebumfangirl

Closing Date: Feb 16, 2010

* Mommiesdaily Valentine's Day Photo Contest

february giveawayShare a photograph of your best moments with your children and get a chance to win Mothercare vouchers and Organic T-Shirt
For Indonesia residents only
Closing Date: Feb 22, 2010

* Hijab Style Bonus February Giveaway

february giveawayClosing Date: Feb 23, 2010

* Aiyoh's Skin MD Natural Giveaway

Closing Date: Feb 28, 2010

* Carly's 100 Follower Giveaway

Closing Date: Feb 28, 2010

* Best of Indonesian Beauty Product Poll by Fashionesedaily

I suppose this is for Indonesia residents, the prizes are 3 packages of best Indonesian beauty products worth Rp250.000! (pic is for illustration only)
Closing Date: March 1, 2010

* Kate Gene's 100 Followers Giveaway

february giveawayClosing Date: March 1, 2010


  1. Hello, thanks for joining my giveaway! Good luck^^

  2. waaaaahhhhh lagi banyak pembagian jatah nih.... hehehehehehehe

  3. Thanks for posting my giveaways :)

  4. Hai,

    datang mau ngucapin

    happy lunar
    happy valentine's day
    happy ash wednesday

    buat yang merayakan, yang nggak merayakan semoga bulan penuh cinta ini selalu membawa kebahagiaan dan kedamaian...


  5. @tammy & jana: my pleasure :)

    @ninneta: semoga dipenuhi cinta jg yaa.. ;)


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