Friday, June 4, 2010

An Illuminating Moment at Sunsilk Co-Creation Night

On Wednesday June 2nd, I was invited to Sunsilk Co-Creation Night, at Illuminating Dome Pancoran, Jakarta, where Sunsilk launched their new products co-created with 7 world-class hair experts. Awhile ago I have posted a report on blogger gathering with Jamal Hamadi, one of the seven hair experts, here. That night, we had Thomas Taw the dry & damage hair repair expert from London with us.

Since the invitation was valid for two, I went there with my hubby. I'll surely need accompany, so I thought, and I was right :). I must say I had a blast night; a great venue, awesome performers; yes, I'm talking about top Indonesian performers like Ello, Maliq D'Essentials, Dira Sugandhi, Maya Hasan, Maylaffayza, Magenta Eleven, Ovy/Rif, Tompi, and many more.. fashion show by Arantxa Adi, celebrity hosts, lovely goodie bag (:D) and not to mention.. the sweet Thomas Taw. Okay I didn't get a chance to talk to him much, but I can tell he's as nice as Jamal from the way he reacted when I asked him to take pictures with me :D

My best moment? I vote for Maliq D'Essentials when they're singing "I Got The Feeling" and Ello when he's performing "Masih Ada".. I felt the groove rushing in my vein..! :D

I wish Thomas had talked a bit more on hair issues.. and I wish I had met fellow bloggers there.. but well, some other time, maybe.. ;)

Thanks to Mbak Lintang from Prisma PR for inviting me to this super fabolous event!

Now, enjoy some, okay, blurry pictures I took.. (kinda contradict to the title, eh? :p)

Thumb up from Thomas!

The superb venue; Illuminating Dome

 Had a shoot on the red carpet :D
I was wearing:
Veil: Cotton Ink Krey shawl in Burgundy / Dress: Arithalia /
Jeans: Giordano /  Shoes: Everbest

Well of course, one shoot is never enough.. :D

Maylaffayza, Maya Hasan, Ovy & Dira performing together

Maliq D'Essentials & Dira Sugandhi..

Some of the oh soo lovely dress by Arantxa Adi..
I was drooling on the 2nd dress from the left

Presenting Julie Estelle as Sunsilk Co-Creation Ambassador

Me & Thomas Taw..
the camera was soo lemoott that it took soo looong to capture this picture.. sigh.. this is the result.. but well, I had a moment with Thomas so.. nice! :D

Again, me outside with the goodie bag :D

The goodie bag came in a very chic bag
Inside are shampoo and conditioner in Soft&Smooth and Hair Fall Solution
Soft&Smooth is co-created with Thomas Taw
Hair Fall Solution is co-created with Fransesca Fusco
I wish I got the co-creation with Jamal Hamadi.. now that I've met him.. ;)

The new Sunsilk co-creation series have signature like this on each of the products

And also a picture and a short biography of the every hair expert

I haven't tried the products just yet.. will do a review when I have.. ;)


  1. Ohhh it seemed to be great! I wish I could go in this kind of organisation :)
    The dress were awesome and you were gorgeous.
    Love you hijab, where did you get it from???
    I want itttttttttttttt! ^^
    Lots of love


    PS: I have a contest on my blog, try to participate ;)

  2. really great moment... i wish someday i could attend the occasion like that.

  3. wow, looks liek a seriously amaizng ight! these look awesome, seen them on tv, love teh shots of you!

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  5. @liloo: it's a Krey Shawl from Cotton Ink, you can visit ;)
    I've visited your contest, I really really want to participate but I'm sooo not good at makeups.. :p

    @meutia: I really wish that I can come to an event like that with fellow bloggers ;)

    @mel: thanks, although the shots are too blurry to be true.. :p

  6. hi dear
    thx for stopping by in my blog
    and thx too for ur comment.
    follow me to get an update from my blog.


  7. @dorothy: will visit ur store :)
    @michelle: yep it was cool!! :D
    @chie: thanks for stopping by too :)

  8. Fun event! Thanks for the sweet comment btw :)

  9. definitely love the way you wear your cotton ink's shawl! thanks heaps for your warm comment, and yes japan is indeed a very beautiful place to visit

  10. love this event. looks like tons of fun!

  11. I love Sunsilk, I couldnt find where to comment on the correct post I am sorry aha. I've just came across your blog. I'm your lateset follower for sure! Keep in touch KimboxKimboxKimbox

  12. looks like u u had lots of fun!

    im a new fllower!!

  13. hei dear, nice to know you and thank you for the comment, wow maybe my opinion same as stella, i love the way you wear you cotton ink, bisa di jadiin hijab juga ya :) lovely.

  14. hi mba..thanks for visiting me. iya nih MMJ lagi booming,kebetulan aku udah baca. mungkin mba harus baca dari Kambing Jantan dst dulu,tapi langsung ke MMJ juga seru kok, disitu dia cerita tentang kehidupan percintaan dilihat dr sisi seorang Raditya Dika, ada cerita tentang dia & Sherina juga ;)

  15. thanks for the lovely comment =D

  16. wah mbak dsy..gmn caranya bisa diundang ke acara begitu?drooling over maliq and the essentialnya :D


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