Friday, July 2, 2010

Cotton Ink Pre-Fall 2010 Collection Revealed

If you pay attention to my wish list on the side bar of this blog, you'll see what's dominating the list.. yep, Cotton Ink it is! In love with their shawls, can't resist stopping by at their webstore ever since the first buy..

The Cotton Ink duo Carline and Ria will launch their Pre-Fall 2010 Collection first at the Brightspot Market on July 9-11, 2010.

As always, they will bring casual items in gorgeous colors.. this time they're playing with monochrome and bold colors with a little touch of soft palette..
Of course, they don't leave their convertible style and the classic tubular shawl.
Plus, a glimpse of formal look.

[Click on the pic to enlarge]

And yes, I'm drooling over these.. Neptune dress, I think I'll take the knee-lenght one.. and the 4-way-kimono..

The Neptune dress will come in 4 different colors, can't decide just yet, but that Berry looks so yumm!
And the tops.. Oh! So much temptation... I hope it's not going to be a pre-fall sin.. :p

Update! Curious on the kimono? Cotton Ink has uploaded 3 how-to-wear videos on their Youtube channel.
- Kimono with front sash
- Kimono with side sash
- Kimono as a vest


  1. koleksi yang bagus, makasih ya....
    btw aku follow juga nih

  2. halo tante , ehe manggilnya tante apa ka ya
    makasih sudah baca postinganku
    wah ternyata blog tante inspiratif banget , kebetulan aku jg baru pake jilbab dan masih bingung fashion nya huehe
    maju terus !!!

  3. @mhya: thanks for following ;)

    @angelwearsblossom: CI is cute!

    @opip: buahahaha gw dipanggil tante..! panggil apa ajalah, di sini hepi2 aja kok, cucu.. :p
    maju juga!

  4. wuih,, it must be very expensive cloth right.. but i want some.. :D

  5. @meutia: not that expensive compare to the other brands participating in Brightspot, as far as I recall from last March.. ;)
    like the dress, it's 250k, still very reasonable price for a dress..

  6. @alodita: wow the photographer's here.. lovely pictures! you've made the clothes look yummy! :D


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