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Level One: For The Rise of Local Brands

Last Friday, while waiting for hubby to finish his 8-to-5 job, I spent my time wandering around at Grand Indonesia. Oh how I love window shopping, who knows what might pop up in front of your eyes begging to be taken to the cashier, right? Anyway, there I came to visit one section in Grand Indonesia that I’ve always wanted to see but haven’t got a chance to do so; Level One.

Located on the 1st Floor East Mall, Level One immediately offered its uniqueness as soon as I entered the area. Walking down Level One was like having a window shopping in some streets in Europe. Nothing like the usual boutiques we would find in a mall. Lamps, benches, trees... they gave me an illusion of street shops which I love.

Open since June 2010, Level One gives a little one-stop-shopping spot. From fashion items to lomo camera, food to anything cute.

Although perhaps fashion labels are still dominating the area, each store has its own style and target market. Basically there’s something for everyone. Men would probably be drawn easily to Damn! I Love Indonesia or Tosavica, while women would get themselves into Geulis or Hunting/Fields and Monday to Sunday. Girls who crave for shoes would go straight to Foot Republic to get a pair of lovely Wondershoe or comfy Robinet for their beloved men (I think next time I should get a pair for hubby, really). Bag lover? Check out Mimsy and Kamali & Lane. And don’t miss House of Jealouxy with its accessories to die for. Now, Level One even has a new destination for women who wear hijab; NurZahra. Famous with their comfy chic clothing line for covered female like me, NurZahra is now easier to reach with their new store there at Level One.

I was also pretty amused by Tick Tock with so many interesting, cute shaped clocks.
Senzen Tie-dye edition for IDR 385k | Pic source: @Hunting Fields

Inside Kamali & Lane | Pic source: Kamali Collection
Inside Mimsy | Pic source: Mimsy
Inside NurZahra | Pic source: NurZahra

Another shop that caught my eyes was Rebel for A Cause. Founded by Teges Prita Soraya and Anastassia Florine Limasnax, this store is where you can shop and donate at the same time, because the money you spend here will go to charity! The game doesn’t end there, you can also donate by giving your used (but of course in good condition) items to be displayed and ready to be purchased. See the circle? Either putting used items on sale or buying them at Rebel For A Cause, the final destination is the hands who need the money the most. How cool is that! The term reuse has come to a new different level.
Pic source: JakartaGlobe

Not only their concepts and designs stand out, what makes those names even more special is the fact that they are local brands. Young and talented Indonesians are lining up behind those brands showcased at Level One. Daniel Mananta (Damn! I Love Indonesia), Raiki (Hunting/Fields), Imelda Hudiyono (Geulis), Caroline-Dita-Mellyun-Riyam (Monday to Sunday), Christina Teosa (Mimsy) and Andi Yulianti (House of Jealouxy), Sherlia&Meiriska (Tick Tock) are only some of the names. Isn’t it delightful to know that the clothes we’re wearing, the stuff we own, are coming from Indonesians’ brains and local resources? Indeed. It definitely gives me some kind of excitement, proud and happy feeling to buy and wear local brands. It even gives me chills just to blog about them (^_^) It thrills more knowing that local brands are now competing neck and neck with other popular brands like Zara and Pull and Bear there at the Level 1 of East Mall Grand Indonesia, and not just selling their stuff online (although I love love online shopping too :D)

Some of the brains behind the brands | Pic source: Level One

The only thing, which might be a downside, is the location. It is at the corner of 1st floor which somehow makes it look far and separated for the newbie and first-timers. The window-shoppers might skip this part, as I did several times I went to Grand Indonesia (ok, punch me? :p), thus it might lose some prospective customers. But I find that those brands at Level One already have their own loyal customers, which is good, and nowadays customers come from the words of mouth (or the tweets of birds? :D) not just from those who happen to wander around, so the location issue might not be too much a problem. Another thing, it would be awesome if each brand has its own website. They have Twitter accounts yes, but it will only provide news and not deeper information to offer a bigger perspective. Besides, tweets come and go, piled up and buried through times. A decent website to give a glimpse of story and look book would be a great companion. Some of the brands have one already, and they help me to appreciate the brands more. I notice that stores’ customers have quite a different characteristic from online shops’, they most likely find new spots or stores by window-shopping or printed ads. So to fulfill the needs, Level One cannot leave the traditional approach through regular printed ads or articles in local newspapers and magazines, to boost up the visits thus the sales even higher.

All in all, Level One Project is a breath of fresh air for local brands and products. To inspire the rise of creativity and originality from Indonesian brands, it doesn’t have to start from level zero, it starts from Level One.
Pic source: Grand Indonesia

It was a very short visit, but I really should come again next time. Already eyeing on some stuffs there hoho... (^_^)

Wanna go shopping with me?

Level One
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town,
East Mall, Level 1
Twitter: @level1project
More Info: +62 21 2358 0001 – 02


  1. Nice post:) true,we have lots of good indo brands with pretty design as well..

  2. Yes! you can't help but drooling when visiting Level One, so many fabulous stuffs!

  3. ooh, i hope someday i can be as success as them..

  4. YEAYYYYYY!!!! so here is the winner of Level One Blogging doubt! i love this article. u wrote all the necessary and informative ones! hahaa. slamat ya kak dessy :) enjoy the IPaaadddd!!!!

  5. @fairytale: goodluck! aim the sky! ;)
    @ario: thank you!! I'll surely enjoy the ipad :D


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