Monday, September 20, 2010

Eid Mubarak: Blissful Days

I know it's like super late, but I still need to say this:

Eid Mubarak, everyone.. ♥
may you have blissful days in this fitr month

How was your Eid-ul Fitr holiday? Eid is about together with family, hope you had the most joyful moments. Hubby took his permit so I didn't go online much during the holiday.. The thing is, it is surely more fun spending time with him than with the internet.. :D

Since we didn't do the 'mudik' stuff, we spent time together in our Eid holiday by.. wandering around the neighborhood in the morning and afternoon.. :D By feet in the morning, and by motorcycle in the afternoon. We explored wider area in the afternoon. Every road we took, every place we saw were completely random. It was when I started making a photo album in my FB account called 2 MegaPixel on The Go, which basically just some pictures taken during our little journey. Why 2 MP? Obviously, because I took all pics with my cellphone.. :p

Here are some of them.. err.. I must say I'm a cloud chaser, so don't get bored with clouds :p
The same pic I use for the greeting card.. Not the mosque in my neighborhood actually.. this was from one of the afternoon journeys :D
The Reindeer - This reindeer-shaped cloud was right at the opposite of the above mosque
Jumper - I saw that thin cloud in the middle looked like someone jumping between clouds.. :D
Flash Forward - I called it that way merely because when I saw it, it reminded me of the tower in that Flash Forward tv drama.. LOL :p
Now that's, the mosque tower in my neighborhood.. :)
Hmpfh.. a little of my face won't hurt.. LOL
In one afternoon, we randomly decided to pray Ashar at Mesjid Sunda Kelapa - our wedding venue back to 2 years ago.. :D It was the first time after the wedding day we ever stepped into the mosque again.. :p
Well, I guess those pictures were enough to make my day, though they're seriously nothing compare to those pictures you'll have if you go mudik AND take them with 'real' camera, eh? :p (somebody please give me a Lumix..!! :D)

Enough rumbling! Now..

Eid look!
Vannara tunic - white square hijab with Kavi Indonesia corsage
(as seen in this post)

Owh, one more thing before I end this post..

HijabScarf is having 2 quizzes; Eid Photo & Eid Greeting. They will give 4 Eid Photo winners a Prudence necklace by Miss Marina, and 3 Eid Greeting winners 2 special cookies from Nuna's Koekjes! Woohoo..!

I'm participating in Eid Greeting with the greeting card above (please roll back to the first picture if you miss it.. :D).. Wish me luck! ;)


  1. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri! :)
    Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck!

  2. good luck for the HS's quizzes :D

    o iy,itu baju yang waktu itu pernah dipasang di FD kan ya?akhirnya dipake juga..baguus des dikamu :)..lebih lucu klo dikasih belt kecil dipinggang..hihihi

  3. @nisa: minal aidin.. maaf lahir batin y.. ;)

    @vannara: pleasure.. ;)

    @dina: thank you :) I hope I can win ur giveaway :D

    @fika: thanks.. goodluck for you too ;) iyaa mustinya gitu, tp ga punya n ga sempet2 hunting.. :p
    soalnya pake belt kecil kulit ga cocok musti yg ky ornamen/chain gitu kynya..

  4. wow, what a beautiful blog..
    really nice outfits

  5. mohon maaf lahir batin jug yaaaa

  6. salam kenal Tante...

    Tante cantik deh


  7. Desy, minal aidin wal faidzin (better late than never hehe).
    By the way, I didn't notice that you made the Eid greeting pic above, they look great, hope you win :)

    Oh and by the way, the one pic that titled The reindeer, funny I saw a chicken (like celengan ayam) shape instead of a reindeer, the chicken is facing right hahaah.. Don't we have a very random imagination LOL

    Fashion blog:
    The other blog:

  8. Dear Desy,
    Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri
    Mohon maaf lahir batin

    Blognya bagus,inspiratif banget buat aku yg malas dandan & pakai gaya jilbab yg itu itu terus :D
    Aku follow blogmu ya

    Citra @ innocentia

  9. @Lib: thanks for visiting ;)

    @Elsa: sama2 y :)

    @baby dija: salam kenal dija yg cantik.. dija udah jalan2 aja niy :D

    @yuri: LOL that's why clouds are amazing.. unlimited imagination :D
    this reminds me of young/old lady in one picture :D

    @dewi: thanks for visiting n following.. ;)


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