Thursday, September 16, 2010

Insight: Aquila Asia Magazine

I've been eyeing on Aquila Asia for some time when finally won it from their daily quote quiz on Facebook. Yaayness!! :D

They sent me July-August issue, I was very excited! :D

First impression, it looks exclusive. Neat. You won't see messy colorful fonts all over the cover.. pheww how glad I am.. ;) The tag line "Fashion & Lifestyle for Cosmopolitan Muslim Women" is surely very promising. Despite the adorable fashionable photograph, I was a bit reluctant to the cover at first honestly, due to the not-so-covering clothes.. but decided to see the beauty in it before judging too far.. :)

I've read quite a lot of local muslim magazines in Indonesia, and I must say Aquila Asia (will be then shortened to Aquila) is nothing like those I've known.

As a muslim women magazine, it is more complex than any other women magazines out there and touches wider range of topics than muslim magazines of my knowledge.

Let's browse it page by page.

These writings amazed me. Such eye openers..
A story about Nujood, a young Yemen who is only 10 years old, and divorced!
A shocking truth about beggars in Indonesia.. I was wowed knowing that there's what we call 'professional beggars' who actually become wealthy from begging
Some interesting stories from muslims around the world during Ramadhan
I also enjoyed these pages..
Home decor inspiration
Pieces of art
Interesting movie picks
For an IDR 50k magz, it gives a handy magz in good quality of papers. You might notice the price is higher than any local magazines here in Indonesia, but considering it's a bi-monthly magz, I think we can still manage to buy a copy.

The only concern I have is the lack of hijab style inspiration in Aquila.We hardly see women in hijab inside. They don't hijabify the fashion spread. Although the photographs are gorgeous, the spreads to me end up to be just like in any other regular women magazines. The hijab spread is practically only in 5 pages of the total more than 150. That is just way below my expectation for a muslim women magazine.

While the red scarf style (right) is pretty interesting, the green one (left) however, is just so-so for a fashion muslim women magazine..
I love the fashion spreads, unfortunately they offer very little of hijab styles..

All in all, Aquila is full of addicting articles.. once you read it you can't stop. You'll might even crave for the next issue (yup, that's me, can't wait! :D) They put good reads in it. If only Aquila puts a lot more of hijab inspirations, more muslim women fashion spreads.. I believe it will knock out its competitors..

- Grab a copy for free! -
Aquila Asia will be giving away the next issue (September-October) for the lucky followers on Twitter!
Follow Aquila Asia on Twitter to keep updated ;)


  1. Cool sist!!! completely cool!! :D

  2. wow, thanks for the information
    i think, i'm gonna need this magazine

  3. wah, senengnya jadi muslimah jaman sekarang ya...
    semuanya difasilitasi.
    majalah muslimah dimanamana

    dulu mana ada.



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