Saturday, November 20, 2010

Be Casual, Be Cool

First, I'd like to congratulate Cotton Ink for winning Most Innovative Local Brand at CLEO Fashion Award. Yaay! On the show, they showcased a new collection Alternate. But it's not available yet at the webstore.

While waiting for the new collection to come, let's take a look at their mini collection Casual Cool available now - and we better hurry before they're gone out of stock!


In this collection, Cotton Ink introduced new fabric for the clothing line. Not just cotton, now they have viscose as basic material. We can expect most of their new design would be smoother and draped silkily.

My favorites (yes, with "s" coz it's definitely impossible for me to choose only one :p) from the set would be these...

- 1 -
Luxe Viscose Black Boxy Blouse, IDR 209k
This is their best selling boxy with the new material; viscose. It's loose, looks super comfy and since it's black, it's easily mix-matched with their shawls! Perfect with Dusty Berry krey shawl (left) which I'm also craving right now. And goes nicely with Acid Light Lavender shawl (right) which I've already had. Hmm... I think my Pink Champagne fringe shawl is also longing to be paired with this boxy... :D

- 2 -
Luxe Viscose Two Tone Dress, IDR 279k
This dress caught my eyes immediately when released. The two tone makes it unique, and the cutting looks simple but nice. I bet it's already out of stock by now.. sigh..

- 3 -
Two Tone Blouse, IDR 269k
 And this! This slightly cropped top is just too cute!
Gimme one, please...

- extra -
V-neck Cardigan, IDR 229k
I'm also eyeing on this v-neck cardigan. Although I'm still in the middle of huge dilemma which one is prettier; the Light Khaki (left) or the Dark Purple one (right)...
Can you decide it for me? :D

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  1. nice post, nice blog
    i'm following you :) thank you for visiting my blog
    hope we can still keep contact :)

  2. @niken: thanks for visiting ;)

  3. OMG, i really love that kind of clothes..

  4. yeah! i love your post about it. i heart cotton ink concept. collaboration between material with simple design make everything look more fab!

    blogwalking :)

  5. waaahh,, brand favorite kamu kan mba,, hehehe :)
    mau dong ajakin aku kalo ada fashion show lagi,, biar bisa ikutan di back stage,, heheheh :)

    -love love


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