Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dress Up!

There's always a first time for everything, so people said. As for me, the first time to wear a maxi dress has finally come! :D See I'm not that kind of girlie girl. As far as I remember, the only skirts I've ever worn were my school uniforms. Other than those red-blue-grey uniform skirts from my elementary-junior-senior high years, I've always picked pants, pants, and pants. :p

Skirts are extremely rare to wear, not to mention maxi dress! I do love mini dress since I can match it with pants. But maxi dress is a different story.

My first maxi dress is the one I got from Hijabi Gathering, a black maxi dress by Ria Miranda. It took me 3 months before I finally found a perfect moment to wear it, and the moment was last Sunday.. :p

Here's my debut in wearing maxi dress.. :D

 Maxi dress Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda / Veil Claro


  1. waah padahal cocok banget pake maxi dress mba. keliatan jenjang banget :)

  2. Cocok kooookkk :D
    ayooo pake lagiii

    *jangan2 habis ini ketagihan pake maxi dress :P

  3. mbaa aku suka deh veil claronyaaa. cocok banget di mbaa,aku pengen tapi ga pede deh hehehe

  4. @niken: iya berasa nambah tinggi badan bbrp cm :D

    @anne: tq :)

    @tia: ketagihan jg sih, adem tnyata pake maxi dress :D

    @ranistia: pede ajaa.. enak simpel pake jilbab ini ;)

  5. cantik mbak desy :)
    manis bgt ya kombinasi grey-pink nya..

  6. Mba...Lucu...feminim abis!!.. jadi kpingin tapi pantes ga ya... ^_^

  7. iyah2..setujuh..cantik koq mbak,cocok pake maxi dress gt :)

  8. pake maxi dress cucok kak...^^ so hayuk koleksi yang bnyak hehehe

  9. cantik kok mba...
    keliatannya lebih anggun


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