Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beauty & Belly

Last Saturday December 4, I went to Pacific Place to pick up a little gift from Clinique & Estee Lauder, thanks to Fashionesedaily. All I needed to do was just submitting name in FD Forum, the first 40 got the gift packages. And inside is ooh soo lovely!
I actually also got 2 Estee Lauder Cyber White samples, but they're already claimed by my mom :D
Haven't tried them, but I love love the blush on.. the color is gorgeous!

From Pacific Place, we flew to spend my MAP voucher - a giveaway from AdaDiskon - at Domino's Pizza! :D

It was only a IDR 100K MAP voucher - not much - thus my choices were some yummy treats at Domino's Pizza or brain vitamins at Kinokuniya (I was eyeing on Habibie & Ainun). Well, I chose food! LOL

I loved it! And, my hubby loved it too! He likes pizza but not as much as I do, so his words do count. :D

Domino's is not a place to hangout, if that's what you seek. Because their main service is delivery, they won't serve your pizza on a big pan with fancy plates, knives and forks.. no. If you decide to eat there you'll eat it from the box.

But the pizza.. was superb! Delish! Thin-crust with fresh mozzarella.. oh sooo yumm! Oh, I'm drooling just by writing this post! The Cheese Bread was a bit too salty for my liking, though, and the Choco Lava was a little too sweet - again - for me.. but my man totally loved them all.
American Classic Cheese ♥♥♥♥♥
Cheese Bread ♥♥♥♥
Chocolate Lava ♥♥♥
And how much did I spend?
Don't forget to count the voucher! :D
IDR 5000,-! :p I guess we didn't really want to spend too much money that day, just enjoying some freebies.. :p

Talking about freebies.. mm.. I'm thinking of hosting a small giveaway.. what do you think?


  1. wah pantesan cepet2 cabuut huhu ternyata ada si belly2 yaa hehehe

  2. MAUUUU giveawaynyaaaa :D
    *hihihi semangat banget*

    mba Dessy >.< iri deehhh
    beruntung banget sering menang giveaway

    ayooo taburkanlah debu keberuntunganmu ;P

  3. wuuuuuuuuah Yummyyyyyyy

    enak banget tuh
    aku ngiler coklat lava nya!!!

  4. wlpun aq ga penggemar coklat tp ngelihatnya dah ngilerr...

  5. whoaaa lucky youu !! gila, gratisan nya banyak banget , mau doong mba, gimana sih biar sering2 dapet gratisan gitu . hehehe :D

  6. salam kenal .
    nice post .
    thanks for share .


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