Friday, December 3, 2010

The Alternate Story

Alternate - the most anticipated Fall/Winter collection from Cotton Ink - has come to town! And they are selling fast.. I mean really really fast! You better hurry scroll down then move on fast to the webstore like.. NOW!

I'm soo eyeing on these...

I'd love to cram them all into the cart, but I'm under a very very tight budget, so.. I could only get these two babies..

Utilitarian Khaki Pants
I super love these pants! The pants have several cute details, and what makes them get so much love is the fact that they fit all! I'm 160 cm tall and they fall just on my ankles. They fit my size 27 waist just perfectly. From those who have bought them - read here - the pants successfully fit well  for various heights and sizes (although may not be suitable for extra large sizes, considering the shape of the pants).
I chose the Khaki ones because they were launched earlier and it was like love at the first sight. :D And.. now I can't stop thinking of the Navy.. heeelp, anyone care to give me??

Jodie Long Jumpsuit
I've been craving for a jumpsuit for quite awhile, so it was just natural when Cotton Ink released one, I simply couldn't say no.. :p The legs are wider than Utilitarian pants, for sure, as we might expect from a jumpsuit. This is the exact opposite of Utilitarian pants. While the pants are in a more chic-constructed look, the jumpsuit gives a relax-breezy-flowy feeling.

I've always wanted to do this; pairing a jumpsuit with a cardigan.. although I'm not too sure about it.. I imagine it would be troublesome when it comes to.. you know, toilet emergency.. :p

After two attempts on the pants, it seems that I can't take eyes off of Danielle burgundy.. *oh!

Where to grab


  1. cantik, keren aku suka yg Utilitarian Khaki Pants ^^

  2. Utilitarian Khaki Pants Love it Des,,,looks good on you

  3. waaaa mba Dessy bener2 lover :D
    itu cardigannya oneandahalf yaa?

    bener... pake jumpsuit takutnya ga praktis kalo ke to*let :))

    love the 1st look!

  4. @aishi & mimi: iyaa.. uti pants ini cakep! :D

    @tia: aku penggemar CI shawl, buat clothing line ini baru kedua kalinya beli.. soalnya baju2 mereka cenderung tlalu gombrong buatku :p
    but I'm lucky with their pants! :D
    jumpsuit aja sih no problem, tp klo ditambah belt, tambah cardi/jaket naah itu agak sedikit repot.. :p

  5. Mbak desy keren deh pake jumpsuit ato pants nya, aku enggak pede pake nya nih gr2 bentuk bdn buah pir (besar bawah) hehehehehe..
    Salam kenal mb desy ;)

  6. you look so different in 1st pict!

  7. pangling lihat mba desy pakai khaki pants...aku suka pants nya ^_^


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