Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nikicio The White Oleander: Dangerously Beautiful

Inspired by White Oleander a movie adapted from Janet Fitch' book, Nina translated the movie into a dangerously beautiful Femme Resort 2011 collection for her brand Nikicio.

Capturing the image of Astrid, a teenager who had to go from one foster home to another while her mother was sent to jail after killing her boyfriend, the collection comes in some feminine edgy pieces.

I got a chance to attend the fashion show at The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia last night. Nina kept some key elements from the movie, put them into both the collection and the show. Blue shades, suitcases.. the mirror painted with a picture taken from the lookbook, and it somehow reminded me of the book cover.

As Astrid was forced to grow up fast under the shadow of her mother's poisonous love and power, The White Oleander wants to make every woman who is wearing this collection to feel..

Beautiful. Dangerous. Proud.


The show started with blue and blond. Blue dominates the movie. It appears in almost every little things in the movie from clothes, sofa, pillow, bag, bed sheet, walls, eyes.. As for blond, it is the hair color of the 4 main female characters in the movie
Shoes by Dr. Martens
Definitely my favorite pieces!


Nikicio: Femme Resort 2011 The White Oleander is available now at The Goods Dept, Plaza Indonesia 4th F.

This collection is now also up for grab at


  1. aw aw keren nyaa.. jadi ngiler nih akuuuu.. *ngecek dompet

  2. salam kenal .
    makasiih buat infonya .
    keren.keren .
    jadii pengen .
    dompet mendukung gag yaa .
    hhi* .

  3. great collection!! the show must be awesome! Love the backless dress and multicolored-stripe (?) sweater!! just checked the webstore, and they're not there. I wish I was at Jakarta :(

  4. @hanna: kok sama *ngecek celengan.. :D

    @museum: produk Indonesia looh.. ;)

    @mellisa: I think there'll be in the webstore soon ;)


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