Monday, March 7, 2011

Mango 10th Anniversary

Who doesn't know Mango. This Spanish clothing brand has become one of the most famous brands in Indonesia. Last Friday, March 4th, they had a party celebrating their 10th Anniversary - ten years being part of fashion industry in Indonesia.

I was lucky to be one of the guests, thanks to @MangoIndonesia.

At the party, Mango introduced their latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection. We can see a lot of light flowy fabrics, prints, and nautical, coming in many shapes from tops to dresses, skirts to jumpsuits. They of course don't leave their structured basics like shirt dresses and jackets. Nothing popping, just some soft colors from pastel palette like peach, cream, beige, mustard, terracotta and light army green, mixed with neutral colors like white, black, and navy. Everything seems as easy as summer breeze.

You can check out the full collection at Mango website.

I left my heart in a nautical two tone long sleeve dress, by the way. Not shown in the pics above, but in case you see it at the store, could you grab it for me, please? :D


  1. dapet oleh2 gudi bek ga mbak? :D

  2. @dv: ada gudibek kaos anniversary :D

  3. ini dmn say? kmrn di sby jg ada acara ini, summer collection sptnya


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