Thursday, March 10, 2011

BRTC Aqua Rush minis

My skin:
Combination; normal-dry U-zone, oily T-zone
Fair, yellow undertone

Bought this pair of little BRTC Aqua Rush - Fluid & Cream. They are in sample size, 30ml, which I thought to be quite safe to splurge yet would make like a month or so, in order for me to get the result.

BRTC Aqua Rush is supposed to be for dry skin. I have combination skin, rarely get myself anything too moisturizing. But a couple of weeks ago, I don't know where I went wrong, my U-zone got very dry and rough.. I've never had my skin that dry before.. so dry that I felt needing something dedicated to dry skin.

I honestly didn't know the correct step; fluid first, cream then or..? Are they meant to work together? But I heard that this Fluid is some kind of pre-moisturizer, so I tried to pair them up in the first few days. Then I found that my skin felt better when I apply them separately. Maybe it's too moisturizing for me if I put them together on my face. So I apply Fluid in the morning, Cream at night.

Nice runny fluid, light-weight.. just when I thought it's like nothing happen on my face, it sinks and leaves my skin nice and smooth. Non greasy, doesn't make my skin oilier. Just supple.

The cream will take a little more time to sink. A bit sticky at first, but as soon as it sinks, I can feel my skin smooth and plump. I put this on as a night cream, and I always wake up with no greasy feeling at all. But I don't know whether it's safe for use in the morning in terms of oil control.

Now my skin is back to its normal condition, I'm extremely relieved!! I still apply them until today, and they don't contribute in more oil production, which is good.

All in all, I'm quite happy with the result. I especially love the Fluid one. But not really sure if I'd buy the full size when I'm done with these little ones. Well, there are so many stuff out there to try, dear, you see.. :p

Overall, Living Daisy gives them 3.5  4 ♥

Edit per November 25, 2011:
I stopped using it not long after writing the review... well, you know, can't stop trying another stuff :p

Until one day my skin got super dry and rough that I wanted to cry T_T It was even worse than the condition when the review was written. So I ran to grab it. This Aqua Rush (I used Cream only) proved to be my savior. Huge relieve!
So, I give it a higher score. ;)


  1. mungkin bisa coba
    tp sejauh ini terasa ada efek samping tertentu ga?
    misalnya lengket atau baunya terlalu menusuk

  2. so far sih ga ada efek samping y.. aku pake 2-3 mingguan
    klo soal bau (oh iya aku lupa tulis y :p):
    Fluid: ga berbau, mungkin sedikiiit bau "dingin"
    Cream: baunya seperti skin care yg no perfume, tapi samar bgt

  3. brtc...dulu pernah cocok pake ni tau2 tanpa sebab ngga cocok
    tapi so far ngga cocok nya cuman bikin muka kliatan ngga blend dengan warna leher ( hehe ini mah namanya muka aku iteman kali ya hahaha)

  4. haha.. bisa jadi sih satu produk klo dipake lama2 jadi ga cocok lagi. makanya setelah bbrp lama biasanya aku ganti produk; aah ini sih alasan biar beli skin care baru :p

  5. Salam sister. I gave you an award. Please check my blog for further instructions.

  6. Salam,

    nice reivew, pls follow my blog


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