Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Create My Tweet

Samsung Mobile had this event on Twitter; #createmytweet, on November 22 - 25.

Four talented artists took part in this event, creating art inspired by tweets, using the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

They are; Steve Wilson, Rose Stallard, Danny Sangra, and Natasha Law.

Out of curiosity I sent a tweet on Day 1. My tweet was: "a cup of coffee will make your day creamy"

I didn't really expect Steve Wilson, the featured artist on Day 1, to pick my tweet since there were so many tweets coming with hashtag #createmytweet. But he actually made an art based on my tweet!! Whoaa! Thanks Steve!!

This is Steve's artwork, created using Samsung Galaxy Note
You certainly did, Steve!!
Steve with his Galaxy Note

Seriously, the event makes me crave for this Samsung Galaxy Note :p

Me, want this!! ^_^

Check out the artworks all the artists have made ==> here.
In case the link is not taking you directly to the gallery, go to Samsung Mobile on Facebook.

Each of them has his/her own style, that guarantees you find various awesome artworks. Go see it, you'll be wowed! After that, go back here and share which artwork is your favorite! ;)

*All pictures are taken from Samsung Mobile on FB and


  1. simply love your "a cup of coffee will make your day creamy"!

  2. @bunavita: that's just a tagline I made for my Twitter account name; @coffeecream :D


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