Monday, August 30, 2010

Fab n Fun Hijabis Gathering

Last week I had a great meet up with fabulous hijabis in town. When I said great it means GREAT; great in numbers (there were about 50 of us.. or more?), in prizes (goodie bags n door prizes), and in the intensity.. we were just immediately clicked as if we've known each other for long time! What I mean by fabulous, I mean F.A.B! The girls were all dressed up, I've never seen so many hijabis in their best hijab style and mix-n-match all gathered in the same room at the same time. I was like "WOOW..!?!"

So there we were, gathered at Urban Kitchen, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

Although we've known each other via Twitter, blogs or forum, most of us actually met face to face for the first time.. so the iftar was about breaking the ice, getting to know more, lots of laughs and hellos. There were so many of us, I regret that I didn't personally say hello to each of the girls.. :( But overall, it was a super fun evening!

I got a chance of meeting the gorgeous duo of Hijab Scarf; Fifi Alvianto and Hanna Faridl.. the young talented fashion designers Dian Pelangi and Ria Miranda.. and even the famous Irna Mutiara and Monika Djufry themselves! OH! Also met fellow bloggers; Fika, Ola, Ghaida, Wulandari, Puput, Nury.. and made new friends too!

And it didn't just stop there.. coz then I was picked as one of the best dresses and given a Shabby Chic dress! Alhamdulillah.. I have an Eid dress already now :D

It was a blast, let's meet up again next time, girls..! ;)

The hosts: Fifi - Ria - Hanna - Dian

Girls love "cheeesee..!"

The crowned best dresses.. it's crazy I'm in that picture :D

With Fika and mbak Irna Mutiara

Some from FemaleDaily forum,
we often spend time in topic Muslim Outfitter:
Ola, me, Fika, Nurul

With Ghaida.. I insisted to take picture with her, who knows her baby dust will sprinkle on me :D

With fellow bloggers Nury, nice meeting you, girl ;)

I always love pink and green..
having the two in one time is a blessing :D
- Inside the greeny bag -
Package by Wardah includes: Facial Foam, Sunscreen Gel, Olive Soft Scrub, Two Way Cake, and Lipstick

- Inside the pinky bag -
A black flowery dress by Shabby Chic - Ria Miranda

This is the outfit that made me bring home a Ria Miranda dress
hijab - Cotton Ink krey shawl in burgundy / inner - Claro / dress - One and a half /
long-sleeve tee - unbranded / square hijab as cardigan - unbranded

A closer look on the hijab..
I was actually picked because of this hijab style :D
My favorite hoodie style, the simplest you could ever imagine.. which I have posted here, and also here where I wore this shawl in a slightly different style

Thanks to Fifi, Hanna, Dian and Ria for hosting the event, thanks to mbak Irna and mbak Monika for choosing me as one of the best dresses, thanks to Ria for the beautiful dress.. last but not least, thanks to Ola and Fika for taking lots of pics with me inside.. :D xoxo

Pictures courtesy of Hijab Scarf, Ola, Fika, Nury


  1. can't wait to see you in that Shabby Chic's dress :) :)

    it was a great event!! see you again next time in another great event with all hijabers :D

  2. nice outfit mbaak!
    and i really love those krey hijab!
    and congratulation for teh wardah make-up! heard that those brand are pretty good, and really worthed for the cheap price!
    and the dress! lucky you mbaaaa!

  3. Waaah, asyiknyaaa! :) Smoga kapan2 giliran Jogja yg bikin event kyk gini yaa... ;)

    Iya, hijab style-nya Deasy memang unik, kyknya yg bikin asyik itu daleman claro-nya ya, jd di luarnya kita bisa pake style kerudung apa aja..

    Thanks for sharing, Deasy :)

  4. yg ikutan event ini keren2 euy :)

  5. mbak desyy, itu shawl hijabnya beli dimana sih? atau di create sendiri? mau doong di shaare :)

  6. @Fika: hihi poto2 lagi deh sy nanti.. :p

    @Myria: I love Cotton Ink krey shawl! tinggal taro di kepala, udah jadi hijab-nya.. :D asal modal pede makenya :p
    oh iya, wardah ini tnyata emang oke.. udah kucobain semua so far so good.. review menyusul ;)

    @Rania: aah I was looking forward to meeting you too.. tnyata kamu di Jogja ya..
    Iya, inner Claro ini kepake bgt :D

    @dv: the girls were all gorgeous!! apalagi klo liat semuanya baris di fotonya HijabScarf :D

    @Febby: udah kutulis tuw di atas gambarnya.. shawlnya Cotton Ink ;)

  7. Wooww thank you for the review :)
    And thank you for coming, enjoy the gift.

  8. mba Dessy keren banget dengan si krey shawl itu.. ;-)
    ditunggu penampakannya dengan dress itu yaaa..

    ditunggu next event nyaa.. biar kita bisa ngumpul2 lagi.. :D

  9. waahh pengen banget ketemu kalian, mbak mbak modis ..
    mba dessy juga keren bangettt wahh best style yaa ... :)

  10. @HijabScarf: thanks for everything.. I AM enjoying the gift :D

    @ola: yuk yuuk ketemuan lagi.. :D

    @gie: pengen juga doong ketemu sama kamu.. wah tp kamu jauh y ga di jkt.. moga2 kpn2 bisa ketemuan di event lain ;)
    sy cuma pemenang harapan aja kok.. haha :D

  11. hahahaha..
    ada yah mbak pemenang harapan.. ;)
    u look different yet chic with cotton ink krey shawl u know!! :D

    nice to know u all (mb dsy, ola, fika n fifi-hanna from HS) ;D

  12. ola la senengnya liat foto foto acara ini.Apa bs di share infonya kalau mau gabung dg komunitas ini boleh gak? sy stay di sby dan wirausaha Islamic Kids T-shirt

  13. I most like to see women with headscarves


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