Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Taste of Belgian Chocolate with Laurent Bernard

I met mbak Lintang from Prisma PR at Kompas Gramedia Magazine Launch when she invited me to this yummy workshop. Who can resist this word: chocolate! On August 4, at Emilie Restaurant, South Jakarta, I had a chance to experience a chocolate tasting. Not just chocolate, but fine Belgian chocolate.

Began with a fulfilling lunch, there I met some bloggers Yuri and Nuniek.. and also had a little chit chat with Pipit - who later on became the emcee. Most of the guests were culinary bloggers I haven't met before, so it was fun to get in touch with new friends too.

The person we were about to meet was Laurent Bernard, a chef chocolatier - a chef with chocolate as his expertise. He's a young charming French lives in Singapore and owner of Laurent's cafe and chocolate bar.

That afternoon, he showed us how to make praline and ganache while educating us the difference between the two.

So apparently, there is a misunderstanding here in Indonesian chocolate glossary; we call every piece of little chocolate with couverture/filling as praline, when the truth is;
-Praline: chocolate with caramelized nuts filling, while
-Ganache: chocolate with milk/cream filling

Laurent also revealed the secret to a more sophisticated experience in chocolate tasting; drink warm mineral water before a bite of chocolate.. that will enrich the flavor.

To be given a chance to try Laurent's praline, ganache and hot chocolate was truly amazing. And then the Orangette and the chocolate bar he gave as goodie bag.. Oh! His chocolate is slightly bitter than local chocolate, but it doesn't give any hint of cocoa powder like any dark chocolate I've tried ( I hate the powdery feeling I have in some local dark chocolate). It tastes bold and rich.. you can feel the 'body' of the chocolate. It seems that a bite is never enough, and another is an invitation to the next..

Laurent Bernard and his chocolate - I really admire his pride and passion on what he's doing and on his chocolate..

- The Process -
They shine.. beautifully delicious

 - A sip to heaven -
Probably my most favorite that afternoon.. warmly melted in my mouth

 - The goodie bag -
A bag of Orangette and a little box of chocolate bar
The chocolate bar is carved with leaves and flower.. It took me a while to enjoy the beauty of this little choco bar before I could eat it

- Extra pieces -
With the chef chocolatier himself
With fellow blogger Yuri - it was nice to finally meet her again :D
Okay one last shot before going home haha :D - in front of Emilie
And that's a wrap!
Thanks to Prisma PR ladies mbak Lintang, mbak Puti and mbak Fira for inviting me ♥

Emilie Restaurant
Jl. Senopati 39, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 12910
Phone: +62-21-5213626

Laurent Bernard's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
The Pier Branch
The Pier at Robertson Quay 80
Mohammad Sultan Road #01-11
Singapore 239013
Phone: +65 6235 9007
Portsdown Branch
5B Portsdown Road #01-02
Singapore 139311
Phone: +65 6475 4182

Some pictures courtesy of  Prisma PR, TigerLily'sBook
Scrapbook materials: Gottapixel


  1. mmmmmm chocolate! love it so much, lucky girl you are

    I must add,love your blog, keep up the great work, I am now following, feel free to follow in return
    check my blog

    love and peace

  2. "It taste bold and rich.. you can feel the 'body' of the chocolate"

    Hmmm yummmm... untung aku baca blog ka desy pas malem2 gini, coba kalo lagi puasa bisa t'ngiler2 aku... hehehe
    di senopati ya ka? mau coba deh jadinyaaa...

  3. @zinah: thanks for visiting, love your blog too! :)

    @nury: haha.. :p
    ga tau jg niy coklatnya Laurent udah ada di Indo apa belum.. waktu itu di Emilie cuma tempat workshopnya aja.

  4. Ahhhh Desyyyy...
    I guess I've been invited too :'( hiks...
    But I live miles away from Jakarta and I ignored the invitation T_T

    If I had been there I would have met you :D

  5. @tia: aahh too bad! mustinya kita bisa ketemuan tuh! next time, I hope! ;)


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