Monday, September 6, 2010

Chelsea Indonesia Break Fasting: Gather and Share

What's Ramadhan without break fasting and iftar with family and friends. And what's holy month without a little compassion to the poor and orphans.

Chelsea Indonesia Supporters Club (CISC), a local Chelsea FC supporters club I join in, recently had a break fasting & iftar while also sharing a little care to the orphans. There on August 28, at Nadia's house, we had some food and fun together.

It was all about gather, share and care.. in other words; everything you want to experience in this holy Ramadhan.

- Extra footage -

Yes, we love camera!! :D

(Pictures courtesy of Nesya & Ferryandy - member of CISC)

May Allah bless us all.. Yaa Kariim, please give us a chance to meet Ramadhan next year and have this again..


- Iftar look -
The fav true blue outfit; Chelsea home jersey, hijab - Cotton Ink acid light blue
Aahh.. I desperately need a new Cotton Ink shawl to be paired with this jersey! :D


  1. waaah..kamu bener2 chelsea sejati yaa?hehe
    cool!! :D

  2. wahh football lover juga ya mbak?? hidup AC Milan!! hihihihihi.

  3. wow !! nice Photos :

    Eid Mubarak! May Allah protect you n your dreams

  4. Happy Eid Mubarak...
    love all photos in this post :)


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