Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vela Scarves on the web!

Vela just launched new webstore! Now, claiming your favorite scarves is even easier ;)

Vela is already famous with its feminine stylish hijab. But from the categories available, it seems that there are some new projects on the way.. more items are about to be released; stylish sleeves and abaya. Vela also accepts custom orders for bridal hijab, although currently only avail to Southern California residents.

Hmm.. let's see.. I'm eyeing on..
Blue Fade-out in turquoise chiffon.. I can't resist turquoise..!
Bella Dusty Pink - as much as I can't say no to turquoise, the same goes with pink..
Romanticism in floral silk chiffon - the vibrant color really put an add to a romantic mood
Black Sequins - a classic black will always in

Which ones are you eyeing on?
(Pictures courtesy of Vela Scarves)


  1. Oh wow i reallllllllly love these scarves :D
    thanks for sharing sister! now its time for me to check the website out, fingers crossed with the hopes of being able to afford them ^_^
    Btw pretty sweet blog you have...

  2. pretty pretty hijabs!


  3. Hihihi love those scarfs :D Visited their website a couple months ago, had a thought to make the scarf by my own, but forgot to make it real :p

    Theirs are soooo artsy!

  4. i love these !
    many thanks for the comments as always ..
    glistersandblisters dot com

  5. @nadiah: fingers cross.. :p

    @stevia: they are pretty, aren't they..!

    @tia: ayoo dong dibikin say! ;)

    @michelle: and thanks for visiting and giving comments in my posts too! :D

  6. aheemmm.. racun racun racun dunia... *nyanyi dangduudd* ;p

    can't resist myself to see the link huhu.. jd ngidam punya Vela de.. :D


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