Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Not Retouched

On Tuesday March 29, Make Up For Ever Indonesia invited some beauty bloggers to a meet up at Plaza Senayan. There we were introduced to a new MUFE ad campaign; the HD-Not-Retouched ad.

Those ads above are not retouched. The ladies are wearing MUFE HD (High Definition) make up line, which was first released in 2008. With this campaign, MUFE is trying to show women how they can look good both in front of camera and in daily lives, by choosing the right products. All women's dream isn't it, to look flawless not only on paper (where usually after some retouch-jobs, but now no more) but also in reality. And the other way around, to look best in everyday lives and be a darling to even the HD lenses.

HD Elixir: serum to give instant and long-lasting hydration to the skin.
HD Primer: to create a good canvas for make up, preparing the skin for heavier layer.
It comes in 7 shades; Neutral to add natural luminosity, Green to minimize redness, Mauve to counteract sallow undertones, Caramel is best to combat ashiness in medium/dark skin tone, Blue to add radiance to fair skin, Yellow to lighten dark complexion, and Pink to brighten complexion
HD Invisible Cover Foundation: the heart of the HD line. Coming in quite many shades to make sure that every skin tone will get its perfect match. I instinctively tried the ones for yellow undertone. I tested shade 140 it seems pretty good but I don't know, maybe 127 would be better. Gotta visit the counter back to ensure.
HD Invisible Cover Concealer: for the eye area.. ah! I really really need this one I think.
HD Microfinish Powder: one shade to finish the look.
HD Blush: yummy cream blush line

Together with this campaign, MUFE released a website where you can find an interactive video and play along. The goal is to find as many retouched as possible. It's a fun game I must say, try it for yourself!
Retouched found! My favorite part, when my (alias) name appears on the tattoo :D
The meet up was a nice one. Thank you @MakeUpForEverIn for inviting me xoxo (Hmm.. now that I look at the picture below, I realize that we were all wearing black :p)
With MUFE team and fellow beauty bloggers; I came with Yuri, and yaay finally met Hanna!  | Pic courtesy of Hanna
The goodie bag; HD minis
Ow, just a reminder, if you are Indonesian, have a beauty blog, or a blog with a lot of interests in beauty products, check this list! If you haven't been listed, please do write a comment, I will visit and put your blog in the list. I notice that some beauty companies are looking for local beauty bloggers and.. who knows we can meet next time ;)


  1. I simply envy you and hanna ^^
    It was always nice to meet new friends with same interest.. looking forward to read your newest thought, mba daisy...

  2. Sister, I am holding a Hijabi Giveaway. I was wondering if you or any other Muslimah who reads this would like to enter! It's really simple all you have to do is send me email all the details are on my blog


    jazallah khair Rabia

  3. saya pernah dngar kosmetik itu. wah, untuk dipakai ke pesta mungkin boleh la di coba.

  4. i'm your new follower.. i like your blog, specially when you write about hijab/muslim fashion. i got some references from you. thanks


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