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I'm a huge fan of a J-pop band the Field of View (tFOV). The band itself has disbanded, but I'm still a fan.. I'm sure many out there still have the same passion as mine.

I have a fansite, which I built in 2002, dedicated to tFOV. As not many news I can gather after their disband, that simple old website is neglected. Now that I have a blog, I'd like to make a page linked to that site.

D e a r . o l d . d a y s
09.1994: with the label view, Takashi Oda (guitar), U-ya Asaoka (vocal), Jun Abe (keyboard), and Takuto Kohashi (drums), banded and released Ano toki no naka de bokura wa.
05.1995: a debut single Kimi ga itakara under the flag FIELD OF VIEW.
03.1996: 4th single DANDAN Kokoro Hikareteku released with only 3 of member, after the leaving of Abe.
05.1996: 5th single DOKI, first single for the new member Kenji Niitsu (bass).
05.2001: As the 18th single released, the name was changed into the FIELD OF VIEW.

The name is kept until...

K i t t o . h a n a r e t e i t e . m o
07.2002: tFOV declared their separation, with the 20th single Melody as the last melody of theirs.
11.2002: the last live show held in Osaka and Tokyo.

I'm . thinking . a . lot . of . you
- P R O F I L E

S h i n k i r o u . E v e r y n i g h t . e v e r y d a y
Even though tFOV is now only exist in our memory, letting the memory be a colorful memory is not a crime. (Oh, what am I trying to say?) Well, here are some to bring tFOV close to you. -- COMING SOON --

D r e a m s . mitsuzukete . ima . mo
- ACT BOOK some hideous (LOL) fanfic I made.. go on laugh at me! :D
- ART BOOK some little fanart I made.. yeah, another laugh..

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