Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Simple Plan

When wearing hijab in a way distracts you from what really matters.
When you're supposed to look modest in your hijab, but on the other hand your expenses on scarfs and fashion stuff don't depict the same modesty.
When you spend time watching Youtube and memorizing steps on how to wear hijab fashionably, but not a single minute reading and memorizing the Words of Allah.
Perhaps, it is about time to retreat and reevaluate the plan.
Perhaps, it is time to go simple.

I'm wearing Hijab Alila two-face square khimar in pale purple - brown


  1. Mbak dessy cantikk :D headernya juga ganti ya.. Makin kece.. Hehe

  2. Walahh setuju banget.. Apalagi sekarang makin banyak yg pake kerudung heboh & mencolok... Balik ke yg sederhana lbh mudah deeehh... :D

  3. Statement nya oke banget mbaaaakkk... InsyaAllah yg simpel jauh lbh adem diliatnya, lbh hemat uang & waktu :D


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